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Charles Richter 1920s. Photo ID 1.46.1-1




Online Exhibits Collection

Archimedes and the Recovery of Greek Mathematics

Olympians of Science: A Display of Medals and Awards
Caltech's scientists and engineers have won a magnificent array of prizes. The bar was set high by Robert A. Millikan, George Ellery Hale and Arthur Amos Noyes—the triumvirate of Caltech's founding fathers. Millikan won Caltech's first Nobel Prize in 1923. Today the Institute claims 31 Nobel laureates from the ranks of its faculty and alumni. But there are other stellar awards, decorations and citations to be celebrated, many of them embodied in visually striking form or presented under deeply memorable circumstances. The display provides a close-up view of some of these grand marks of distinction, drawn from collections in the Caltech Archives.

Documenting Earthquakes: A Virtual Exhibit
In honor of the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Caltech Archives created a virtual exhibit in six parts of materials from its own collections. Recent major donations by Professor George W. Housner have substantially augmented the Archives' holdings in the history of earthquakes and the early science of seismology.

The Gnome Club: a Visual History
The Gnome Club (Kappa Gamma Fraternity) was founded on March 9, 1897. Until the opening of the first student houses in 1931 ended its official operation, it was one of five local fraternities active at Caltech. The strong loyalty and friendship of early Gnomes helped to revive the club in 1949. Today, the Gnomes are a continuing presence at Caltech, serving the community through the Alumni Association, SURF, Caltech Y, the Gnome scholarship program, and other activities. The Gnome Club exhibit provides viewers with a glimpse into the club's rich history.

The Wouk Exhibit
Victor Wouk, Caltech alumnus (MS '40, PhD '42) and pioneer in electric and hybrid vehicle development, and his brother Herman, the noted author, came to Caltech on April 1 4, 2004 to celebrate Herman's new novel, A Hole in Texas, and Victor's donation of his papers to the Caltech Archives. Victor Wouk also established the Victor and Joy Wouk grants-in-aid program to provide support for research in the Wouk collection. A virtual exhibit memorialized the event.

Scientific Instruments Ancient and Modern
A prior Reading Room exhibit celebrated the 25th year of the Caltech Archives in 1993. It featured scientific instruments and other Archives' treasures, ranging from an Egyptian plumb bob to 20th-century experimental apparatus made in the Caltech shops.

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