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Model of crystal structure, unknown compound, under contruction

Ball and wire demonstration model on mesh base. Unlabeled. Balls of cork, painted black, blue, red, white, orange, purple. The mesh base allows precise construction of the model.

Ball and wire models show the relative positions of the centers of the component atoms in a representative volume element of a crystal. The sizes of the balls have no significance; the actual atoms in most structures are in fairly close contact. The scale of most models is approximately 1 inch = 1 Å.

ID: 2014-00023

MEDIUM: Metal, cork; FORMAT: Painted; LENGTH: Base 12 1/8 x 12 1/8 in.;height of base 4 5/8 in.; height overall approx. 15 in.; QUANTITY: 1 model set in base

Topics: Chemistry, Crystallography

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