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clay model of his bust, friends and relatives, scenic views, Bridge Laboratory all in file 11.2. In file 11.3 are various scientists lsted individually PLUS the following men all photographed in London: Gilbert Murray, J.McCabe, JA Hobson, Prof. JB Bury, Wm. Archer. File 11.1 has various groups mostly scientists, including RA Millikan, Ehrenfest, Einstein, Hubble, Tolman, Sommerfeld, Rutherford, Aston, Laing,Bateman, with von Karman at Almagordo, Leon Watters. SEE ALSO: Photo archive file 10.45 Epstein with DuMond, Bacher in library (social setting)

ID: 1987-00123
Epstein, Paul Sophus, 1883-1966 (Physicist)

MEDIUM: Photograph; FORMAT: Prints & Negs

Topics: Physics

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