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Safecracker Suite

Drumming and storytelling by Richard Feynman, with drum accompaniment by Ralph Leighton and Thomas Rutishauser. Contents: 1. Drum Sessions (Orange Juice, Threes, Echo Machine) 2. Safecracker, Part I (The safe arrives at Los Alamos) 3. Interactions by the 3 Quarks (Guatemala, Bongo Bash) 4. Safecracker, Part II (How to open a safe in at most 8 hrs) 5. The Ivory Merchant (Threes, Fives, Baiao, Combo) 6. Safecracker, Part III (Civilians call it a Safe) 7. Cycles of Superstition (Intro,Naomi,Tic-a-T ac,Crazy Drum) 8. Safecracker, Part IV (Opening a safe by following the book) 9. Sensei Samurai (Imitation Kabuki theatre).

Producer c.1988 Ralph Leighton. Engineer Tohru Ohnuki.

ID: 1988-00352
Feynman, Richard Phillips, 1918-1988 (Physicist, Nobel Laureate)

FORMAT: CD; audio tape; LENGTH: 69 Min; QUANTITY: 1,1

Topics: Physics, Nobel Prize

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