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Feynman audio miscellany Memorial
Feynman Memorial Service

Speakers: Robert Walker, Murray Gell-Mann, Barry Barish, David Goodstein, Thomas Van Sant, Ralph Leighton, Jim Cline, Sandip Trivedi, Gerald Wasserburg, Edward Fredkin, Lt. Gen. D.J. Kutyna, Thomas Everhart, Barclay Kamb.

4 pm and 6 pm services taped separately.

Digital copies made from original audio cassettes 4/17/2009.

ID: 2009-00039
Feynman, Richard Phillips, 1918-1988 (Physicist, Nobel Laureate)

Creation Mar. 30, 1988

MEDIUM: Audio CD; FORMAT: AIFF; LENGTH: 4 PM: 48:26 and 32:05; 6 PM: 48:25 and 33:55; QUANTITY: 4

Topics: Physics, Nobel Prize

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