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About The Elementary Particles Of Physics

Talk given at the CIT 75th anniversary conference, “Scientific Progress and Human Values,” Oct. 25, 1966. An edited version titled “The Elementary Particles of Matter” was printed in "Engineering & Science" (Jan. 1967). Gell-Mann includes mention of quarks, and explains origin of name in Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake". After viewing the original film in May, 1991, Dr. Gell-Mann requested that the following statement be attached to all copies of it: "When I talk about mathematical quarks, what I mean--as explained in articles and other speeches of that year--is quarks that are confined by an infinite barrier inside particles like the neutron or proton. That is exactly the current picture." (May 29, 1991).

ID: 1989-00179
Gell-Mann, Murray, 1929-

Creation Oct. 25, 1966

MEDIUM: Film; FORMAT: 16mm; LENGTH: About 1200'; QUANTITY: 1 Reel

Topics: Physics

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