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Portrait of Einstein in 1931 Big T yearbook

Lithographed portrait of Albert Einstein, published in 1931 Big T. One of a set of eleven portraits by the artist for this publication. Others include Harry Bateman, E. T. Bell, Paul Epstein, Robert Millikan, T. H. Morgan, W. B. Munro, A. A. Noyes, Frederick Ransome, Theodore Soares, Theodore von Karman.

According to the book Artists in California by Edan M. Hughes (San Francisco, 1989), the artist is Carl Rudolph Gist (1873-1945). Gist was born in Maysville, Missouri, on July 30, 1873. He settled in Pasadena, California, in 1923 and opened a portrait studio. He died in Pasadena on January 22, 1945.

A note in the 1931 Big T yearbook states the following: "The portraits in the lithograph section were made by Carl A. Gist at his Pasadena studio, and we are grateful indeed to Mr. Gist for the privilege of reproducing these drawings."

The set of 11 portraits may be viewed online through the Archives' web site photo search (search "Gist").

ID: 2011-00035
Gist, Carl

Creation Jan. 1, 1931 through Dec. 31, 1931

MEDIUM: Lithographed page; FORMAT: Bound

Topics: Einstein, Physics

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