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Papers of David Baltimore

DAVID BALTIMORE was president of Caltech from 1997 to 2006. His presidential papers consist of both paper and electronic records from the period of his tenure in office at Caltech. The first material deposited in the Caltech Archives was electronic files accessioned in December 2003. The transfer of paper records began in June 2006. These records contain travel files, 1997-2004 (4 boxes); and misc. files relating to previous presidents Everhart and Goldberger and to Caltech commencements (2 boxes). Additional papers (12 boxes correspondence, speeches, committee work, desk files) and misc. framed items and memorabilia were transferred August 8-9, 2006. Additional electronic records to 8/3/2006 were transferred to the Archives 9/12/06. Per Institute policy, the collection is closed to researchers for 25 years from the date of the president's departure from office. An exception is copies of speeches by David Baltimore, which are open (3 boxes).

12/4/2006: One additional box of subject files on patents.

Oversize photo of Corning, New York, showing display of failed 200-inch mirror disc: transferred to oversize files, folder 9.

2/1/2007: SUPPLEMENT E: Five additional boxes from the President's office comprising 3 boxes of personal papers, 1 box of calendars and "In the Media" files, and 1 box of travel files, 2005-2006.

4/4/2007: One further box of speeches in binders received, covering the years 2003-2206 (June 9).

10/5/2007: 9 additional boxes

8/6/2008: 7 additional boxes

5/26/2011: 10 additional boxes.

8/29/2013: 1 additional box

ID: 2003-00016
Baltimore, David (Administrator, Biologist)

MEDIUM: CD; paper; FORMAT: DVD-R, CD-R, paper files; LENGTH: 42 lin. ft. of paper; QUANTITY: Set of 5 and 3 duplicates; 31storage boxes. 10 additional storage boxes. 1 additional storage box (2013).

Topics: Administration, Biology

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