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Untitled Southwest Desert Scene (Signed)

NICOLS, AUDLEY DEAN. Born Pittsburgh, PA date unknown, active in El Paso, TX 1919-35. Painter of the Southwestern desert, illustrator, muralist. Murals in Pittsburgh public buildings, El Paso hotel. No reference. Sources TOB-TSF. Two oils 12x20" Arizona Landscape with signature example sold 4-7-71 for $1,200 the pair at auction. Nicols was raised in Pittsburgh. His mother had been an art instructor. An aunt originated Rookwood pottery, Nicols studied at the ASL and the Metropolitan School FA, the pupil of Blashfield, Cox and Mowbray. He also studied in Europe. In his early career he was NYC illustrator for national magazines. While touring the US, Nicols stopped to visit in El Paso and settled there. His specialty is "paintings of desert scenes in Texas, Arizona, California, the cowboy, longhorn, the covered wagon, the Rocky Mountains." TOB.

ID: 1994-00053
Nicols, Audley Dean

Creation Jan. 1, 1922

MEDIUM: Painting; FORMAT: Oil On Canvas (Framed); LENGTH: 12” x 18"; QUANTITY: 1

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