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Oral History
Ray D. Owen Oral History Interview with Rachel Prud'homme [sound recording]

Interview with Ray Owen, Professor of Biology at Caltech, conducted by Rachel Prud'homme in 1983. The interview covers Owen's early life growing up in Wisconsin, where he attended the University of Wisconsin, studying cattle genetics with C. Stormont; his early research on chimerism in twin calves and on immunological tolerance. In 1946 he joins the biology division faculty at Caltech in genetics as a Gosney Fellow. Recollections of genetics at Caltech following World War II: concurrent arrivals include G. W. Beadle, N. Horowitz, H. Mitchell, and L. DuBridge. Recalls T. H. Morgan's reputation and his colleagues A. H. Sturtevant and S. Emerson. Other members of the biology division at this time include C. Bridges, H. J. Muller, H. Borsook, A. Haagen-Smit, C. Wiersma, A. van Harrevelt, and F. Went. Recollections of L. Pauling. His book, General Genetics, with A. Srb published in 1952. His work with D. Lindsley on bone marrow transplantation. At Caltech, involvement with freshman admissions. In 1961 becomes biology division chair. Discusses teaching and further work in student affairs, including admission and recruitment of women, the Committee on the Freshman Year, and pass/fail grading. Appointment in 1975 to dean of students and vice-president for student affairs. Involvement with National Cancer Program (1972-1975) and continuing research on immunological tolerance. Concludes with observations on genetic engineering and safety of genetics research.

ID: 1983-00016
Owen, Ray David (Biologist, Geneticist)

Creation Oct. 20, 1983 through Nov. 14, 1983

MEDIUM: Sound recording; FORMAT: Sound cassette: analog; QUANTITY: 1 set (5 cassettes per set)

Topics: Biology

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