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Palomar Archives # 1-3

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Edited composite from original footage, notably the series called "Palomar Construction." Each reel is put together differently. #1 is not chronological and skips around in subject matter. It begins at the archway to the optical shop (Caltech campus), with shot of mirror already loaded on truck flatbed for transport to mountain. This is followed by work on the mirror. Then comes a sequence of the train carrying the disk (with Pyrex sign), arriving at station, unloading. Then return to optical shop, polishing. Then comes an extended sequence on the mountain, which also skips around from dome construction to road work to interior shots. Also includes harborside unloading of machinery, transport of same up the road. #2 This film has more continuity than #1, also more intrinsic interest. It is the best footage on the 200" mirror. Begins on campus in optical shop; lots of footage of grinding and polishing of mirror. Follows mirror through loading onto flatbed truck and transport up the mountain. Following the mirror footage is a sequence of a man with the small model of the 200" telescope. After this, there is a return to the dome interior, then concluding exterior shots. (From the man with the model to the end, this is the same as "Palomar Construction," #4. The beginning of the footage--about 31 minutes-- is the same as the Archives' VHS called "Palomar Construction." After about 31' the video parts company and goes to "Palomar Archives #1" [?].) #3 This film is identical to "Palomar Construction" footage, nos. 1-3. (See that description.)

ID: 1996-00074

Creation Jan. 1, 1935 through Dec. 31, 1948

MEDIUM: Film; FORMAT: 16mm B/W; LENGTH: 40 Min. Each; QUANTITY: 3 Reels

Topics: Astronomy

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