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GWB with: Boris Ephrussi 1930's, with Pauling, with Wes Hershey & Carl Niemann playing crochet, with unknown. GWB alone wearing lab coat, GWB caricature by Hans Gloor, examining corn at U of Chicago 1970's and with Ernest Anderson at CIT Biology Experimental Station in Arcadia. With Page at commencement; with H.K. Mitchell, etc.; 1957 with Curt Stern; with Adrian Srb; with Larry Blinks, Art Geise & Francis Haxo; with Doug Whittaker, Victor Twitty, Art Geise;

ID: 1988-00096
Beadle, George Wells (Biologist, Nobel Laureate)

MEDIUM: Photograph; FORMAT: Prints & Negs

Topics: Biology, Genetics, Nobel Prize

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