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Scientific Apparatus
Spectrophotometer, quartz

Manufactured by National Technical Laboratories, 820 Mission St., So. Pasadena, CA. Serial number #D-282, CIT Chem. number #1532-1. These specifications are close but not identical to the entry in an inventory (photocopy in file). Phototube housing (with CIT Chem. number #5814) and lamp housing directly attached to main unit. Attached by cord is undistinguished light gray metal box (power supply regulator?), 11" x 4" x 2". See instruction manual for DU spectrophotometer. Gift of Caltech Chemistry Division. Manufacturer: National Technical Laboratories.

ID: 1989-00046
Beckman, Arnold Orville (Chemist, Inventor, Philanthropist)

Creation Jan. 1, 1940

LENGTH: 30 x 7 x 8 inches

Topics: Chemistry

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