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He might be Champion if there were a Championship. H. W. Stevenson. (Men of the Day series).

"Men of the Day," No. 965. May 25, 1905.

H. W. Stevenson, from Yorkshire, who learned to play while managing a billiard saloon in South Africa, broke the record in 1897 for making 198 consecutive cannons--this was before the push stroke in billiards was abolished. He won his first world billiards championship in 1901. [Biographical text accompanies caricature.]

["Spy" was the pseudonym of caricaturist/illustrator Sir Leslie Ward (1851-1922).]

Printed by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, Ltd. lith.

ID: 2006-00139
Ward, Sir Leslie ("Spy")

Creation May. 25, 1905

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Print (caricature); LENGTH: 10 1/16 x 15 inches; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Vanity Fair print

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