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Interstellar Musings: a Caltech Physicist in Hollywood

In 2006, Kip Thorne and movie producer Lynda Obst conceived the underlying concepts for a science fiction movie that ultimately, in the hands of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, became Interstellar. Thorne worked closely with Obst and the Nolans to ensure that real science was integrated into Interstellar's fabric, and he worked with the Visual Effects team to ensure that black holes, wormholes, and other astrophysical objects were accurately depicted. This work was a major underpinning for Interstellar's winning the 2015 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Kip Thorne describes his experience in the making of Interstellar, in generating its computer graphics, and in usign its computer graphics software for astrophysics research. He also describes some of the rich science underlying the movie.

ID: 2016-00010
Thorne, Kip S. (Theoretical Physicist)
Use Restrictions: According to Portia Harris: "The agreement was not to make additional copies".

Creation Apr. 19, 2016

Set of 2 SDHC Cards

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