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Manuscript Collection

Two boxes containing material related to Caltech's Art Committee.

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Box; QUANTITY: 2 boxes

Jan. 1, 1977 - Dec. 30, 2001

Manuscript Collection

Compton, Arthur Holly
These are selected portions of the research notebooks of Arthur Holly Compton, in photostatic copy.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 0.5 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 1 Box

Jan. 1, 1919 - Dec. 31, 1970

Manuscript Collection

Collection includes miscellaneous items such as minutes of board and committee meetings, administrative materials, announcements, accounting reports, etc.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 5 linear ft. ; QUANTITY: 5 boxes

Jan. 1, 1974 - Dec. 31, 1985
Administration, Athenaeum

Manuscript Collection

Zachariasen, Fredrik
Read on-line: Fredrik Zachariasen Papers 1948-1999
FREDRIK ZACHARIASEN PAPERS, dated 1948-1999, Series organization: I Correspondence; II Professional organizations, government agencies, and research institutes; III JASON Defense Advisory Group; IV Teaching; V Technical files; VI Writings; VII Biographical.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 8.5 linear feet; QUANTITY: 20 boxes

Jan. 1, 1948 - Dec. 31, 1999

Microform Collection

Von Karman, Theodore (Physicist, Aerodynamicist, Applied Mathematician)
Gift from USAF Academy: Their Karman holdings on microfilm including preliminary inventory to collection.

MEDIUM: Microform; FORMAT: Microfilm; QUANTITY: 2 Rolls


Manuscript Collection

The Committee on Provostship, 1969-1970, was called together in September 1969 to seek a successor to Robert Bacher.

MEDIUM: Paper; QUANTITY: 1 box

Jan. 1, 1969 - Dec. 31, 1970

Manuscript Collection

Schmidt, Maarten (Astronomer)
Papers donated by Maarten Schmidt specifically relating to his part in the Drever-LIGO controversy.

LENGTH: .5 linear feet; QUANTITY: 1 box

Jan. 1, 1992 - Dec. 31, 1994
LIGO, Astronomy

Manuscript Collection

Lauritsen, Charles Christian (Nuclear Physicist)
Read on-line: Papers of Charles Christian Lauritsen, 1927-1977 Papers of Charles Christian Lauritsen, 1927-1977

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 9.5 linear ft. ; QUANTITY: 20 boxes

Physics, World War II

Manuscript Collection

Read on-line: Caltech Y Records
Largely photos, with some documents of the Y's activities beginning in the 1920s.

MEDIUM: Paper ; LENGTH: 6 lin. ft.; QUANTITY: 4 document, 7 oversize boxes

Jan. 1, 1922 - Dec. 31, 1991

Manuscript Collection

Mechanical Engineering faculty minutes, beginning in 1934.

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Bound; LENGTH: 1 lin. feet; QUANTITY: 6 vols. in 2 boxes

Oct. 26, 1934 - Dec. 4, 1974
Engineering, Mechanical engineering

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