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Manuscript Collection

The collection was donated by Professor Wallace Sargent.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 13 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 13 storage boxes

Jan. 1, 1983 - Dec. 13, 2000

Manuscript Collection

Todd, John (Mathematician)
Read on-line: Papers of John Todd and Olga Taussky-Todd 1920-2007, bulk 1950-1995
JOHN TODD, 1911-2007.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 24 linear feet; QUANTITY: 50 archival boxes


Fine Art

Franklin, Benjamin
Portrait of Franklin seated at a table, wearing glasses and chin resting on thumb of right hand, reading a manuscript.

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Print; LENGTH: 3.25 x 5 in. ; QUANTITY: 1

History of Science

Manuscript Collection

Read on-line: ASCIT Board Minutes, 1912-1966
Collection contains minutes of board meetings of the Executive Committee of the Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology, ca.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 2.5 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 4 Boxes

Jan. 1, 1912 - Dec. 31, 1966

Manuscript Collection

Martel, Romeo Raoul
Read on-line: R. R. Martel Papers 1922-1935
Small collection of papers, about one-third of which deals with the Long Beach earthquake of March 10, 1933.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 3 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 4 boxes

Jan. 1, 1922 - Dec. 31, 1935

Manuscript Collection

Read on-line: Records of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory, 1956-1967
Largely photos, with some documents, on the construction and operation of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO).

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 2 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 2.5 boxes

Jan. 1, 1956 - Dec. 31, 1967

Manuscript Collection

Read on-line: Palomar Observatory Records
Small collection of miscellaneous papers relating to Palomar telescopes.

MEDIUM: Paper; mixed; QUANTITY: 1 storage box; 5 oversize; 1 half box; 1 additional oversize (Rickman album)

Astronomy, Astrophysics

Manuscript Collection

Volterra, Vito
VITO VOLTERRA (1860-1940), Italian mathematician and resistor of Fascism.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 2 lin. feet; QUANTITY: 3 boxes (2 half-boxes included)

Jan. 1, 1940 - Dec. 31, 1996

Manuscript Collection

Mandel, Oscar (Literature)

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 0.5 linear feet; QUANTITY: 1 box

Jan. 1, 1991 - Dec. 31, 1994

Manuscript Collection

Everhart, Thomas E. (Administrator, Engineer)

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: approx. 47 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 36 storage boxes, 1 oversize box

Jan. 1, 1987 - Dec. 30, 1992
Administration, Engineering

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