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Wouk Exhibit

Caltech Connections
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image From Horsepower to Shanks Mare Power
In 1980, Victor penned "From Horsepower to Shanks' Mare Power: is the Automobile Doomed, or is it Just Us?" for Engineering and Science. In the article Wouk revisited some of the predictions about the automotive industry made in 1955 by Caltech professor Peter Kyropoulous. Victor made a few predictions of his own. The motorbike rider is Dr. Marvin L. Goldberger, President of Caltech, 1978-1987.

image Caltech Weekly Calendar
The Caltech Weekly Calendar for May 4-9, 1942 announces Wouk's thesis defense.

image Caltech Associates
Herman, Betty Sarah, Joy and Victor Wouk.
(left to right)

image Campus connections
Wouk corresponded regularly with the faculty of Caltech. In this letter, Victor receives a reply from Francis Clauser concerning the EPA and the Petro-Electric Motors hybrid.

image The new Ph.D.
Congratulatory letter to Victor Wouk from Royal W. Sorensen, his thesis advisor.


Wouk meets with Rosen
Victor Wouk and Benjamin M. Rosen, Chairman, Board of Caltech Trustees, February 2001.


Application for Approval
Victor Wouk's 1942 "Application for Approval of Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy." The signatories include Royal Sorensen, William Pickering and Robert Millikan.


Caltech thesis
Wouk's 1942 Ph.D. thesis, "Static electricity generated during the distribution of gasolene," with signatures of approval by his Caltech mentors.

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