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Quadrant in wood case, brass. Signed IH and dated 1670. Gift of Earnest C. Watson. Photo ID ST-WA-03




Donate & Transfer Materials

The Caltech Archives receives materials in two ways, by donation and by transfer. Donation involves change of title to or ownership of property. Transfer of materials from one office or custodian at Caltech to the Caltech Archives may not involve change of ownership.

If you are interested in donating or transferring material to the Caltech Archives and would like further information, please contact us by .

In order to preserve the history of Caltech, the Archives systematically collects institute publications and certain records. We also welcome contributions of interesting historical material from divisions and departments on campus, including photographs, audio and video recordings, memorabilia, and small artifacts or historic laboratory apparatus connected with Caltech. Digital records may also be archived in various formats.

One of the chief activities of the Caltech Archives is the collection and preservation of the personal papers of the Caltech faculty and top administration. We are also accession material pertaining to student and corporate life at Caltech. The types of material which have proved most historically significant and most useful to researchers are as follows: professional correspondence with colleagues, students, and organizations; laboratory and research notes; manuscripts and drafts of unpublished works; teaching materials; talks and speeches; interviews; biographical and personal materials, including personal correspondence, diaries and date books; and photographs and other pictorial material.

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