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Geneticist Edward B. Lewis with Drosophila, 1960. Photo ID 10.24-181




About Us

The Caltech Archives are housed in a modern facility in the heart of the Caltech campus. Our reading room provides a small number of research stations, a browsing and reference library, and a small display space. We are open on weekdays only. Qualified outside researchers may apply for an appointment. For detailed visiting information, hours and directions visit our Access and Use page

Exhibit Rooms

The Beckman Room
The Beckman Room is currently closed for renovation.

A new exhibition Becoming Caltech, Building a Research Community, 1910-1930 will open on Monday, February 10, 2020. More information and opening hours will be posted in the next year.



In the lobby of the Beckman Institute, two cases are displaying the Caltech legacy of Arnold O. Beckman (1900-2004), chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1964-1974, and Caltech alumnus (PhD, chemistry, 1928).


The Reading Room
Currently on display is "The Year 1900: Looking Back from the Millennium," a display of photos and artifacts from Caltech's predecessor institution, Throop (pronounced T-R-O-O-P) Polytechnic Institute.

A prior Reading Room exhibit "Scientific Instruments Ancient and Modern" may be viewed online.

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