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Rudolph Minkowski (right front) and Ira Bowen (right rear) inspect a pair of duplicate positive prints of the Sky Survey Atlas, c. 1955. James McClanahan and Hendrik Rubingh are shown sorting the finished copies. Photo by Mt. Wilson-Palomar Observatories. Photo ID 10.20-24




Fee Schedule

Note: Members of the Caltech community are eligible for reduced fees.

Fees assessed for publication:
  Still photos and images  
    All media flat fee $ 300.00/image
    Print and e-book, interior use $ 95.00/image
    Print and e-book, cover use $ 250.00/image
    Internet/website $ 100.00/image
    Broadcast/TV/documentary $ 100.00/image
    Display/exhibit $ 100.00/image
    Commercial/promotional please inquire via email
    Reuse 50%
  Audio, film and video $ 500.00/title and up
Loan fees  
    CD/DVD $ 35.00/title
Duplication fees  
    Photocopy $ .45/page
         PDF $ .45/page
         JPEG/TIFF $ 10.00/each
         Image scanning setup fee $ 10.00
         Photo, 8 x 10 b&w (glossy or matte) $ 10.00/each
         Photo, 8 x 10 color (glossy or matte) $ 18.00/each
          Request for larger print size subject to archivist's
      approval and additional fees
    CD/DVDs $ 45.00/each
    Film transfer please inquire
Miscellaneous fees  
    Research time (1 hour minimum) $ 75.00/each
    Still photo for personal display only
(not intended for publication)
$ 25.00/each
    Special handling (rush orders/rare materials) min $35.00
    Sales tax as applicable
    Postage and/or handling as applicable


All fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without prior notification.

Data current as of 06/20/2013

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