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Frontispiece from Johannes Hevelius' astronomy treatise, Machinae coelestis, 1679. Rare Book Collection. Photo ID RB-JH1673-1





The Caltech Archives has exhausted its most flexible source of funding for grants-in-aid, the Maurice A. Biot Fund. We appreciate the generous donations of the Biot family, which made it possible for us to support visiting researchers for 25 years.

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid
The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid offers research assistance up to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech Archives.

Applications for grants-in-aid will be accepted from students working towards a graduate degree or from established scholars. Graduate students must have completed one year of study prior to receiving a grant-in-aid.

Grants-in-aid may be used for travel and living expenses, for photocopy or other reproduction costs related to the research project, and for miscellaneous research expenses. Funds may not be used for the purchase of computer software or hardware.

Beginning in 2010, application deadlines will be May 1 and November 1 annually.

No applicant may receive more than two awards, and awards will not be given to the same applicant in consecutive 12-month periods.

Download Wouk Guidelines and Application (3 page PDF, 164KB)

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