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The 200-Inch Telescope Looking Northwest. Drawing of the Palomar Telescope by Russell W. Porter, 1939. Photo ID RWP2.3-28




Reproduction & Use Policy

Publication of Archival Materials

Archival material, including photos, may be available for publication. Permission to publish may be requested through registration for a Archives account.  A request should include identification of the material to be published, including ID numbers of any photos; the title of the proposed article, book, or dissertation; the journal title for articles; the name of the publisher for books; and the anticipated date of publication.  A statement of rights requested should also be included, for example, territory, duration, languages, print run and edition, derivatives or ancillaries, and media.

All publication transactions are covered by the Archives' Materials Release (sample release: 2 page PDF, 64KB). Generally, use fees will apply. Please see our Fee Schedule for further information. Patrons will be invoiced, and prepayment of fees is requested. Payment is made through and may be made by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only), or by check, money order, or bank wire in U.S. dollars drawn on an American bank.

Photocopy, Digital Scans, and Other Reproductions of Archival Materials

Patrons may apply for single-copy reproductions for study purposes only, unless otherwise specified in writing. The Caltech Archives reserves the right to review all copy requests and to withhold permission to copy when deemed necessary due to fragility of the material, privacy or confidentiality considerations, or donor restrictions.

Researchers are asked to limit photocopies of paper materials to a maximum of 300 pages per twelve-month period or per project, whichever takes longer. The charge for archival photocopies is $0.45 per page, with a $10.00 minimum charge. Additionally, postage and handling charges may be applied. Processing of photocopy requests may require four to six weeks.

For digital copies, researchers may apply to use their own digital cameras or to have the Archives' staff provide scans or photographs. Use of cameras requires the on-site approval of an archivist. For scans and digital photography conducted by staff, a setup fee of $10.00 will be applied to each order. Page limits on large text files may apply. Individual files will be priced at $10.00 each. Scans may be emailed or copied to a CD and sent by U.S. Postal Service or by Federal Express if an account number is supplied.

For further information, please refer to our Guidelines for Reproducing Archival Materials (1 page PDF, 100KB).

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