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Image Archive

The Image Archive is a collection of over ten thousand images representing Caltech's history and the people who have made and continue to make it. It includes historic and contemporary photographs of people and places, reproductions of historic scientific artifacts and art, and illustrations drawn from Caltech's rare book collection in the history of science and technology. image


Paul MacCready Papers

Paul B. MacCready (1925 — 2007), a Caltech graduate, was an inventor and an entrepreneur who pioneered alternative energy solutions. The collection documents most aspects of MacCready's personality and career through a diverse array of documents, media, objects, manuscripts and printed material. Especially prevalent within the collection are papers and ephemera during the time MacCready was working on his human-powered airplanes, the Gossamer Condor and Gossamer Albatross. image


Oral Histories

The Caltech Archives Oral History Project began in 1978 for the purpose of recording the personal memoirs of the distinguished scientists, teachers, and administrators of the Institute. To date, approximately 200 interviews have been completed and most are open to readers in transcript form. Beginning in 2002, selected interviews have been made available to the public in digital form through this repository. image

Lab Notes Online

Lab Notes Online presents historic scientific data from the Caltech Archives' collections in digital facsimile. Beginning in the fall of 2008, the first publication in the series is Robert A. Millikan's notebooks for his oil drop experiments to measure the charge of the electron, dating from October 1911 to April 1912. Other laboratory, field, or research notes will be added to the archive over time. image


Donald A. Glaser Papers

Donald. A. Glaser (1926-2013) completed his PhD in physics at Caltech in 1950 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1960 for his invention of the bubble chamber. His scientific work transitioned then to molecular biology and later to neuroscience, leading to significant contributions in both fields. The Glaser Digital Collection unites two physical collections owned by the University of California, Berkeley and Caltech. It is extremely rich and significant and includes papers, diaries, notebooks, many photos and slides. image

George E. Hale Papers

George E. Hale (1868-1938) was an influential astrophysicist and scientific administrator. He quickly established a distinguished scientific reputation for his invention of the spectroheliograph, then made important contributions to the study of solar phenomena. He was the leading figure in the founding of the Kenwood, Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories as well as the California institute of Technology, Huntington Library and the National Research Council. image

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