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Robert Millikan (top center) at University of Chicago with colleagues (left to right) A. A. Michelson, Carl Kinsley, and Henry G. Gale, 1908. Below, a page from Millikan's first oil drop experiment notebook.




Digital Media Collection

Oral Histories Online
In 2002, the Archives launched its first digital project, titled Oral Histories Online, which brings selected interviews with members of the Caltech community to the public on the web. The project is part of the Caltech Collection of Open Digital Archives (CODA) hosted by the Caltech Library Services. More than 100 interviews are now available online and more are added regularly.

Lab Notes Online
Lab Notes Online is the latest addition to our digital media collections. It provides access to original laboratory notebooks that chronicle some of the greatest milestones in research at Caltech. The first offering is Robert A. Millikan's celebrated oil-drop experiment notebooks which record his attempts to measure the charge of the electron. Other notebooks and historic data sets are in preparation and will be added over time.

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