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Theory of positrons, undated manuscript page with diagrams, in Feynman's hand. From the Richard P. Feynman Papers.




Manuscripts Collection

The Archives house upwards of 250 unique manuscript collections, of which the majority are the papers of Caltech's faculty and administrative officers. Student organizations are also represented. The Caltech Historical Files are an archival miscellany that covers the whole range of Caltech's history.

The manuscript collections are the heart of the archives. Up to now largely paper, but becoming increasingly digital, they record the interactions of many of the most prominent scientists in the world during the middle to latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st. They contain correspondence, laboratory notebooks, administrative papers, records of professional affiliations, photographs, and biographical material.

Manuscript collections may be identified through a search of our catalog, usually by a name or keyword.

Collections are described in detail in indexes called collection guides. The Caltech Archives' collection guides can be searched through the Online Archive of California (OAC).

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