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Olga Taussky Todd, Mathematics. Oral History Interview (Autobiography). Photo ID 10.43-22




Oral Histories Collection


May 2021

Arden Albee (Geology and Planetary Science)
Edward W. Hughes (Chemistry)
Edward Hutchings, Jr. (Humanities, Engineering & Science)


April 2021

Earl Mendenhall (Throop College of Technology, alumnus)
Harvey W. House (Throop College of Technology, alumnus)
Howard G. Smits (Civil engineering, Gnomes, student life)
Herbert L. Hahn (Throop, Caltech Board of Trustees)
J. Harold Wayland (Engineering and applied science)
Wesley L. Hershey (Caltech Y)

Since 1978 the Archives have conducted an oral history program centered on the Caltech community and its distinguished scientists. Interviews cover both the personal histories and the scientific careers of the participants. There are approximately 250 oral histories in the Archives online catalog, and most are open to researchers. Also included are themed interviews on specific projects, such as the Keck Telescope and LIGO.

In 2002, the Archives launched a digital project titled Oral Histories Online, which brings selected interviews to the public on the web. The project is part of the Caltech Collection of Open Digital Archives (CODA) hosted by the Caltech Library Services. Close to 200 interviews are now available online and more are added regularly.

Oral histories may be identified through a search of our catalog by name or keyword.

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