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Portrait of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)

Engraved portrait of Danish observational astronomer Brahe, showing Brahe age 40, dated 1586. Brahe's records were used by Kepler to describe the orbits of planets around the sun and disprove the Ptolemaic theory.

Engraving by Jacob de Gheyn (1565-1629). In the enrgraving, one can see surrounding Brahe--who was of Danish nobility--the coats of arms of his ancestors. [Note: This engraving was used in Brahe's ASTRONOMIAE INSTAURATAE MECHANICA.]

ID: 2002-00086
Brahe, Tycho

Creation Jan. 1, 1586

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Print; LENGTH: 7.25 x 11 in.; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: History of Science

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