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Architectural Drawings
Campbell Plant Research Laboratory

George Vernon Russell & Associates, architects. 1959, 1960-1962
Engineers: Bill Lochray and Weldon Dorris.
Hugh Carter Engineering Corp.; unidentified.
Scale from 1/16"=1' to 1"=10'. A-1 Plot Plan; A-2 Floor Plans; A-3 Elevations & Sections; A-4 Sections; A-5 to A-7 Details; AD-1 Floor Plan Revised; S-1 Foundation & Framing; S-2 & S-3 Structural Details; M-1 Mechanical Plot Plan; M-2 Mechanical Plan; BW 400 Main Floor Electrical & Power; BW 401 Attic & SubFloor Electrical; BW402 Schematic & Wiring Diagram; BW403 Panel Schedules & Elect. Details; BW404 1st Floor Mechanical; BW405 Attic Mechanical Plan & Piping Diagrams; BW406 SubFloor Mechanical; BW407 Elect. & Mech. Plot Plan;4182M Misc. Mech Changes; 4277A Revised Dinensioning; 4273M Workroom & Darkroom Temp. Control;5646M1 & M2 Roof Spray & PreCooling Mech. Works-Plans & Details, Details & Notes; 921-61109-1XP1 Heating & Ventilation; Two Hugh Carter Plans: M1 Ventilation Rehabilitation, E1 Vent. Rehab. Electrical.

ID: 1987-00060

Creation Feb. 2, 1959 through Oct. 19, 1976

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Drawing; QUANTITY: 27

Topics: Building, Biology, Architecture

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