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What we have learned about Haiti and Chile using Seismology and Space Observations

Modern Methods of Observing Earthquakes: What we have learned about Haiti and Chile using Seismology and Space Observations.

This public lecture provided an overview of the results obtained from analyzing the information gathered on the recent earthquakes which struck Haiti (January 12, Mw 7.0) and Chile (February 27, Mw 8.8). We discussed what has been learned on those earthquakes from seismology, observations made from satellite systems and field observations. We also discussed how space techniques could in the future improve earthquakes monitoring and help mitigate their effects.

Lucile Jones, moderator

Mark Simons, Professor of Geophysics - Caltech
Anthony Sladen, Research Seismologist - Caltech
Rich Briggs, Research Geologist - U.S. Geological Survey, Golden, Colorado
Ken Hudnut, Geophysicist, U. S. Geological Survey, & Visiting Assoc. in GPS Division, Caltech
Eric Fielding, Research Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

ID: 2010-00056

Creation Mar. 30, 2010

MEDIUM: Video; FORMAT: DVCAM (Edited Master); LENGTH: 1:45:55; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Astrophysics

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