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Space and the New Space Race: Opportunities and Obstacles

For over half a century, NASA took the lead in engineering, science, and exploration; but a paradigm shift is underway. Private corporations have ambitious agendas for orbital payload delivery and astronaut transport, space tourism, and even interplanetary travel. This is a panel discussion of these issues with a mix of scientists, industry executives, and policy experts.

Moderator: Fiona Harrison, Caltech Professor of Physics and Astronomy

John Grunsfeld, NASA Associate Administrator for Science and former Space Shuttle Astronaut

Steve Isakowitz, Virgin Galactic Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer

John Logsdon, Founder and former director of the George Washington University Space Policy Institute

Gwynne Shotwell, President of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)

Paul Wennberg, Caltech Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering

ID: 2013-00035

Creation Jan. 10, 2013

MEDIUM: Video; FORMAT: DVCAM (Edited Master); LENGTH: 46 mins,, 55 sec.; 44 mins., 22 sec.; QUANTITY: 1 set (of 2)

Topics: Astrophysics

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