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Memorial Service

Vice Provost, Prof. of Aeronautics & Applied Mechanics. speakers: W.G.Knauss(Prof Aeronautics & Appl.Mechanics), A. Roshko (Prof. Aeronautics), F. Kovacic (Asst. to Director GALCIT), S. Kyriakides (U.Texas), M.H. Schneider (McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co.: Principal Engineer), Donald Cohen (Prof. Applied Math), Paul Jennings (Chmn. Div. E&AS, Prof. Civil Engineering). Memorial service held in Hall of the Associates,the Athenaeum.

ID: 1987-00021
Babcock, Charles Dwight, 1934-1987

Creation Oct. 23, 1987

MEDIUM: Audio Tape; FORMAT: Cassette; QUANTITY: 1

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