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Kepler Monument

Photograph of a monument to Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) by the German painter and sculptor August von Kreling (1819-1876). Kepler is posed seated, leaning on a globe, holding calculations in his left hand, a compass in his right hand. Below, as part of the pedestal, can be seen the figure of Tycho Brahe; below Kepler's name, the words Physica Coelestis; and to the left of Tycho, the word Matematica. The other figures partially visible or not at all are: Copernicus, Kepler's astronomy professor in Tübingen Michael Maestlin, and the Swiss mathematician Joost Bürgi, who invented logarithms. Further down is a relief of Urania, the muse of astronomy, as well as scenes from Kepler's life. This photograph appears in the biography of Kepler written by Edmund Reitlinger in collaboration with Carl Voldemar von Neumann, edited by C. Gruner, and published by Carl Grüninger (Stuttgart, 1868). Copy of photo is association item with the Kepler biography.

[additional publishing history: The Archives has the 1st edition of the biography, which was to be the first part of a larger 3-part Kepler biography, the original vision being Reitlinger's. However, due to editing disagreements between Gruner and Reitlinger, Reitlinger withdrew his participation and the other volumes were never written.]

Archives' copy is presentation copy inscribed by C. Grüner to Marie Müller Häfner, his sister-in-law.

ID: 2007-00090
Kepler, Johannes

Creation Jan. 1, 1868

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Photograph; LENGTH: 6.25 x 9 3/8 inches; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: History of Science

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