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Watson Lecture
Viruses, Viruses, Viruses

ABSTRACT: It is hard to open a newspaper or hear a news broadcast today without there being a story about a virus. It used to be only HIV, but now it is SARS, monkey pox, Ebola, Newcastle Disease, flu or something brand new. Why are we seemingly plagued by viruses we never heard much about before? Is it modern travel, or better methods of diagnosis or what? And how can we counter these new and awful critters? What are viruses anyway and where do they come from? Big questions for one evening's discussion of the most basic, unadorned form of life we know-the lowly but beautiful virus.

ID: 2003-00018
Baltimore, David (Administrator, Biologist)

Creation Oct. 15, 2003

MEDIUM: Audio Tape; FORMAT: Cassette; QUANTITY: 1

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