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Traite Physique Et Historique De L'Aurora Boreale

First edition of first treatise on the aurora borealis. Mairan (1678-1771) was a prominent Frech scientist of his day. He was at one time the owner of the Archives' first edition of Newton's PRINCIPIA. First edition of the first exhaustive treatise on the aurora borealis. Mairan attributed the phenomenon to an extension of the sun's atmosphere, which at times enveloped the earth and blended with our atmosphere. "Inquiry into the history and physics of the aurora borealis; the chapter on the relation between the aurora and the magnetic declination is of special interst."--Wheeler Gift Cat. 382 (2nd ed. only). There are many references to Newton, Cassini, Euler and Descartes. Mairan (1678-1771), while basically a Cartesian, did incorporate some Newtonian ideas in his theories. He was secretary of the Paris Academy of Sciences and belonged to the Royal Societies of London, Edinburgh, and Uppsala, the St. Petersburg Academy, and the Institute of Bologna.

ID: 1995-00213
Meiran, Jean-Jaques D'Ortous

Creation Jan. 1, 1733


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