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Scientific Apparatus
Ion chamber

See Physical Review 31:921 (1928). This instrument is not quite the same as that described in this reference, but nearly so. Note: 10/11/91 Dr. Victor Neher dated this piece in the 1930s. Said this instrument used on shipboard and on flights by National Geographic and Army Air Corps out of S. Dakota, went up to 60,000 feet. A similar instrument was made for Nishina and was used to measure radiation in Hiroshima after the A-bomb blast. The spherical part is the electroscope; the other components are a film chamber (for 100" of movie film), a clockwork, and a barometer. This piece was refurbished April 1993.
Manufacturer: Caltech Physics Shop.

ID: 1970-00013
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953 (Experimental Physicist, Nobel Laureate, Caltech President)

Creation Jan. 1, 1928

LENGTH: 20 inches long approx.

Topics: Physics

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