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Ion chamber

Description card (1970) by Victor Neher reads: "Ionization chamber for cosmic ray work used by Millikan and Neher on Stratosphere flight of National Geographic Society - Army Air Corp. in 1934. Balloon exploded when gondola 2000 feet above ground. Piece broken out of clock case [already repaired when it came to the Archives, but repair is visible]. Also used in ships around the world. Appears OK 5/20/70. Needs relay to take potential off lead going inside." Note: 10/11/91: Victor Neher added that Millikan had 3 or 4 similar instruments made for his trip to South America in 1926, when he went to Lake Titicaca and a Bolivian mining town. This work is all described in Physical Reviev 31. This piece was refurbished April 1993. Manufacturer: Caltech Physics Shop.

ID: 1970-00015
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953 (Experimental Physicist, Nobel Laureate, Caltech President)

Creation Jan. 1, 1934

LENGTH: 20 inches long approx.; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Physics

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