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Sheldon Brown Collection on S. J. Barnett

Samuel Jackson Barnett (1873-1956); Professor of physics, UCLA, 1926-1944 and Caltech research associate 1931-1955. Caltech provided Barnett with a more suitable lab for his experimental work than UCLA was able to do. Barnett was best known for his discovery of the Barnett Effect, the magnetism of a ferromagnetic body when spun on its axis. The collection of notebooks and a few miscellaneous papers was preserved by Barnett's last student assistant, Sheldon Brown, and donated by his son. Boxes 1-6 contain the notebooks of S. J. Barnett. Boxes 7-8 contain notebooks of Sheldon Brown and miscellaneous papers.

SUPPLEMENT: Small pieces of historic apparatus and additional papers and photos received from donor 7/6/2007.

SUPPLEMENT 2010: One box of correspondence and documents; one box mixed material (photos, small apparatus); 2 boxes of glass slides.

ID: 2007-00019
Barnett, Samuel Jackson

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 6 linear feet; QUANTITY: 10 document boxes; 2 small boxes of glass slides

Topics: Physics

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