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The Universe From Palomar

Produced by NET Science in cooperation with Caltech and Carnegie Institution of Washington/Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories; David Prowitt, Executive Producer. Covers both the history of the building of the telescope, especially the mirror, and the operation of the telescope from its dedication until the date of the film. Includes footage of the casting of the mirror at Corning. Astronomers who appear in the film are Ira Bowen (who also narrates), Edwin Hubble, Milton Humason, Bruce Rule; also footage of Russell Porter and some of his drawings. There are voice-overs by George McCauley and Melvin Johnson. In color with sound.

ID: 1988-00749

Creation Jan. 1, 1967 through Dec. 31, 1967

MEDIUM: Video Tape; FORMAT: Beta SP, VHS, VHS-PAL; LENGTH: 29 Min; QUANTITY: 1, 1, 1

Topics: Astronomy

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