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Exploring Protoplanets Through the Dawn Mission

Carol A. Raymond, the Deputy Principal Investigator of the NASA Dawn Mission, and the Program Scientist for Mission Formulation within the Solar System Exploration Directorate at JPL, has led numerous deep-sea and Antarctic field expeditions but currently devotes most of her time to robotic exploration of space.

In July 2011, the Dawn spacecraft reached Vesta, the second most massive asteroid in the main belt--whose nature is transitional between an asteroid and a planet, and represents one of the oldest intact planetary building blocks from the beginning of the solar system. Dawn's ion-propulsion system will allow the spacecraft to travel further and to orbit the dwarf planet Ceres in 2015.

ID: 2012-00157
Raymond, Carol A.

Creation May. 2, 2011

MEDIUM: Video; FORMAT: DVCAM (Edited Master); LENGTH: 58:09.14; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Astrophysics

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