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Earthquake Research at Caltech's Seismological Laboratory, 1959

The occasion for this recording was the annual sponsors' meeting. Program: Robert Sharp, Introduction (history of the seismology laboratory); Beno Gutenberg, "Fundamental causes of earthquakes"; Frank Press, "The Problem of monitoring nuclear explosions"; Charles Richter, "Revised regionalization maps (earthquake zoning)"; Hugo Benioff, "Circum-Pacific tectonics. Strain seismographs in South America"; Clarence Allen, "Baja California faulting"; A. E. Scheidegger, "Physical phenomena at an earthquake focus"; Richard Jahns, "Disastrous modifications of the landscape in Southern California."

ID: 1998-00267

Creation Jan. 30, 1959

MEDIUM: Audio Tape; FORMAT: Cassette, DAT; QUANTITY: 4, 4

Topics: Seismology

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