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The Champion of 1885. John Roberts, Jr. (Men of the Day series).

"Men of the Day," No. 965. May 25, 1905.

John Roberts, Jr., the son of a former billiards champion, was world English billiards champion many times during the 1870s and 1880s, and together with his father, John Roberts, Sr., dominated the sport from 1849 to the 1890s. He stopped competing after the rules changed in 1898. [Biographical text accompanies caricature.]

Note: This caricature was first printed April 4, 1885 in VANITY FAIR with the caption, "The Champion Roberts."

["Spy" was the pseudonym of caricaturist/illustrator Sir Leslie Ward (1851-1922).]

Printed by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, Ltd. lith.

ID: 2006-00138
Ward, Sir Leslie ("Spy")

Creation May. 25, 1905

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Print (caricature); LENGTH: 9 9/16 x 15 inches; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Vanity Fair print

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