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Business District of San Francisco, April 17th, 1906

The first of three famous and rare mammoth photographs taken by R. J. Waters around the time of the San Francisco earthquake, April 18, 1906. This view was probably taken from either the roof of Shreve & Co., Grant and Post Streets, or that of the Mark Hopkins Art Institute (Hopkins Institute of Art). It shows Geary to Broadway with Treasure Island and ships' masts in the distance. The view from Geary on the left to Broadway on the right clearly depicts the business signs of the Poodle Dog Restaurant, Goldberg, Bowen and Co., Newman & Levinson Dry Goods, and D. Samuel's Lace House, among the city's most famous merchants.

Bears number 51, title, copyright notice by Waters, date 1906; Additional notation: Publishers/G. T. Marsh & Co./San Francisco. Notations are handwritten in white and black ink.

The Waters panorama prints were published in 3 sizes (vertical): 12", 10.5",, and 9 7/8". This photograph and its two companion pieces represent the largest sized print.

ID: 2010-00104
Waters, R. J. (Raper James)

Creation Apr. 17, 1096

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Photograph: sepia toned gelatin silver print, framed; LENGTH: 56.5 x 12 in. paper; 59 7/8 x 16 3/8 framed; QUANTITY: 1

Topics: Earthquakes, Seismology, History of Science

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