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Watson Lecture
Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series

The Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series brings to the public the most innovative scientific research taking place at Caltech and are geared toward a general audience, part of the Institute's commitment to benefiting the local community through education and outreach.

These lectures feature speakers from Caltech and JPL, spotlighting a small selection of the pioneering research conducted in the fields of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science, Geological and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.
The lectures are given by world renowned scientists and in the past have featured also several Nobel Prize winners, such as David Baltimore (1978 Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine), Hans Bethe (1967 Nobel Prize winner in Physics), William Fowler (1983 Nobel Prize winner in Physics) Murray Gell-Mann (1969 Nobel Prize winner in Physics), David Politzer (2004 Nobel Prize winner in Physics) and Ahmed Zewail (1999 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry). The collection continues to grow with about 9 new lectures per academic year.

ID: 2017-00007

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Topics: Administration, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Humanities and social sciences, Computer Science, Chemical engineering, Geology, Planetary Science, Biological Engineering, Engineering & Applied Science

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