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Manuscript Collection

Wright, Helen (Astronomy)
Read on-line: Helen Wright Collection on George Ellery Hale 1887-1972
This collection relates directly to the biography of George Ellery Hale by Helen Wright, EXPLORER OF THE UNIVERSE.

MEDIUM: Paper; QUANTITY: 13 storage boxes

Astronomy, Astrophysics

Manuscript Collection

MacCready, Paul B. (Paul Beattie) (Aeronautical Engineer)
Read on-line: Paul B. MacCready Papers ca. 1931-2002 Paul MacCready Oral History Interview with Sara Lippincott Paul B. MacCready Papers ca. 1931-2002 - digital collection
Donated on December 30th 2003, the collection documents most aspects of MacCready's career and many features of his individual character.

Aeronautics, Aviation

Manuscript Collection

King, Robert Burnett (World War II, astrophysicist,)
Read on-line: Robert B. King Fuze Collection Documents, 1943-1945
Reports and manuals relating to the Caltech rocket project and specifically to the R. B. King fuze collection.

LENGTH: .5 linear feet; QUANTITY: 1 box

Jan. 1, 1943 - Dec. 31, 1945
World War II

Manuscript Collection

1 box, containing memos, correspondence and reports concerning the work of the ad hoc committee for sponsored research, 1973-74.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 0.33 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 1 Ms box

Jan. 1, 1973 - Dec. 31, 1974

Manuscript Collection

Richter, Charles Francis (Seismologist)
Read on-line: Charles F. Richter Science Fiction Collection

MEDIUM: Paper; FORMAT: Bound; LENGTH: 18 linear ft. ; QUANTITY: 34.5 boxes; loose duplicates

Jan. 1, 1926 - Dec. 31, 1955
Geology, Science fiction

Manuscript Collection

Barrett, Edward C. (Edward Cecil), 1880-1952
Read on-line: Edward C. Barrett Collection on Early Caltech History 1891-1950

LENGTH: 1 linear ft. ; QUANTITY: 2 boxes

Jan. 1, 1891 - Dec. 31, 1950
Administration, Throop

Manuscript Collection

[Heller, Elmer Heller, Joseph]
Read on-line: Elmer and Joseph Heller Collection on Richard P. Feynman 1935-1990
Series of 20 letters and postcards of Richard Feynman to Elmer Heller, in addition to letters from others to Elmer Heller.

MEDIUM: Paper; LENGTH: 0.25 linear ft.; QUANTITY: 36 items; one 1/2 box

Jun. 26, 1935 - Aug. 24, 1990
Physics, Feynman, Richard P.

Roberts, John D. (Jack) (Chemist)
Lab notebooks compiled by John D. (Jack) Roberts, his students and collaborators

Chemistry, Organic, Chemistry

Zewail, Ahmed H. (Chemist)
Lab notebooks compiled by Professor Zewail, his students and collaborators

Jan. 1, 0001 - Jan. 1, 0001


Hale, George Ellery (Astronomer, Astrophysicist)
Collection of journals and offprints belonging to George Ellery Hale.


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