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The Caltech Archives
were formally established in 1968 to serve as the collective memory of the California Institute of Technology. Our mission is to preserve and make accessible the institutional records, personal papers, documents, artifacts and pictorial materials that tell the school's history.

The Archives' unique research collections in the history of science and technology range from the time of Copernicus to today. They are available to the campus community for instructional and research purposes, as well as to qualified non-campus users by appointment.

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Images above are from the Caltech Image Archive, an online, searchable database of thousands of images.

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Fred Anson papers collection guide online.
The papers of Professor Anson -the Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus- have been processed, and the searchable collection guide is now available online at the Online Archive of California (OAC). Posted 4-19-2016

How to integrate traditional processing into digitization project.
The Archives and the Digital Library Development staff gave a joint presentation to the Society of California Archivists, Annual General Meeting. See the slides here. Posted 4-13-2016

Melvin Levet Oral History online.
Alumnus Melvin Levet (born in 1917; BS 1939, MS 1940) shares his Caltech, World War II and life memories stretching back nearly a century. Read the full interview here. Posted 3-2-2016

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The students marching toward Beckman Mall

It's 1986. Many know it as the year when Halley's comet painted the sky, the Mets beat the Red Sox in the World Series, and the Bangles "walked like Egyptians".

But for the students who marched through Beckman Mall in cap and gown, surrounded by cheering friends and family, 1986 will always be remembered as the year of their graduation.

Eyeglasses may have been larger and hairdos fluffier, but the 2016 graduating class feels the same pride for their achievements, and holds the same hopes for brilliant futures in invention, exploration, and discovery—lives as true Techers.

To celebrate Caltech's 122nd Commencement and congratulate a new generation of distinguished graduates, the Caltech Archives is pleased to present a photographic gallery from thirty years ago, when President Marvin Goldberger led the Commencement exercises, and Caltech alumnus Arnold Beckman, inventor and entrepreneur, delivered the address. EP
Visit the photographic gallery here.

Posted 6-9-2016

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