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The Caltech Archives
was formally established in 1968 to serve as the collective memory of the California Institute of Technology. Our mission is to preserve and make accessible the institutional records, personal papers, documents, artifacts and pictorial materials that tell the school's history.

The Archives' unique research collections in the history of science and technology range from the time of Copernicus to today. They are available to the campus community for instructional and research purposes, as well as to qualified non-campus users by appointment.

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Marble papers collection guide online.
The papers of Professor Frank E. Marble (1918-2014), one of the fathers of modern jet engines have been processed, and the searchable collection guide is now available online at the Online Archive of California (OAC). Learn more. Posted 9-30-2016

New Oral Histories online!
Caltech faculty members, administrators, alumni, and staff have told us their stories, and now you can read them online. Enjoy the recollections shared by Charles Peck (Professor of Physics, emeritus, and former PMA Division Chair), Hans Hornung (Professor of Aeronautics, emeritus), Dana Roth (alumnus and former Chemistry Librarian) and Herman Miller (alumnus). Posted 8-26-2016

Fred Anson papers collection guide online.
The papers of Professor Anson -the Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus- have been processed, and the searchable collection guide is now available online at the Online Archive of California (OAC). Posted 4-19-2016

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The making of Caltech's first Nobel:
Robert Millikan's road to Stockholm

Robert A. Millikan Nobel medal

Throughout its history, Caltech has accumulated an exceptional record of prestigious awards, conferred to its outstanding scientists for their groundbreaking research and discoveries.

The Nobel Prize, awarded by the Swedish Academy of Science, holds a cherished place among international recognitions. Caltech is privileged to count 34 Nobelists (and 35 prizes) among its faculty and alumni.

Among them, physicist Robert A. Millikan is doubly special: as the first Caltech recipient, and as a founding father of the Institute. Millikan’s command of physics and extraordinary experimental skills were on par with his charisma and administrative acumen. He was a masterful teacher, and the author of countless textbooks; his research spanned fields as diverse as electromagnetism, optics, molecular physics, and cosmic rays.

For his intuition, dedication, creativity, and curiosity, Millikan is a paragon of 20th century physics, and an enduring inspiration for generations of Techers.

On the occasion of the 2016 Nobel Prize announcements, the Caltech Archives is pleased to present an illustrated account of Millikan’s road to Stockholm. -EP
Visit the online collection here.

Posted 9-30-2016

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